Our clients agree that the benefits of prevention stretch beyond lower health care costs to include lower absenteeism, increased productivity, and greater employee satisfaction.

Complete Risk Assessment

To understand the health risks in your business, you first have to know where the risks are coming from. We work with services that assess employees’ physiological risks and lifestyle habits. This information remains confidential and HIPAA compliant, and is used to determine your company’s risk for chronic diseases related to tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

This information is compiled into aggregate reports for review and helps determine what specific chronic conditions and employee lifestyle needs that should be addressed through a comprehensive wellness program. Each participant receives individualized reports addressing their specific risks and is provided with follow-up about their results and disease management counseling to address underlying conditions.

A health risk assessment helps start the “Continuum of Wellness” by helping your employees learn their individual health risks and helps your company learn what conditions are effecting your bottom line. It is true that some employees will take this information and use it to improve their health, and that enough employees will take action to make the health risk assessment cost-effective. However, from an organizational standpoint, this exercise is best used if and when the tools are in place to address whatever risks might be found.

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